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Entries by Will Durst from 02/2009

Triggering A Silent Scream

| Posted 02.06.2009 | Comedy

What we've been experiencing is bank robbery in reverse. The perps didn't even bother wearing masks. And triggered absolutely no silent alarms.

Tax Cut Zombies from the Planet No!

| Posted 02.13.2009 | Comedy

Citizens of America, stay in your homes. The Minority leadership unleashed their legions of virtual undead to battle the White House's economic stimulus package with a soul sapping single-mindedness.

The Best Cabinet Money Can't Buy

| Posted 02.20.2009 | Comedy

Two Secretary of Commerce nominees have slunk away like hyenas chastised from a zebra carcass by a pride of dusty lionesses.

The Tomorrow Speech

| Posted 02.26.2009 | Comedy

Stepping into the den of 535 lions, (okay, 534 and Roland Burris,) the new President proved himself to be a worthy equal to Ronald Reagan when it comes to lofty unbridled optimism.