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Entries by Will Durst from 10/2010

Pixie Dust Blues

| Posted 10.03.2010 | Comedy

Who is that masked superhero zoooming across the country on treacherous adventures to save the Democratic damsel? It's President Obama, in a desperate attempt to erase the midterm election enthusiasm gap. Two words: Good luck.

The Best Generic Speech Ever

| Posted 10.10.2010 | Comedy

Thank you ladies, gentlemen, and prospective donors, remote viewing audiences, readers, and tweeters, for joining me standing, sitting, lying here as your candidate for elected office, civic duty, greased chute to Swellsville.

Don't Got Milk

| Posted 10.17.2010 | Comedy

Most experts agree that Milk is the ultimate gateway drug. 99% of all heroin addicts began their descent into substance abuse hell by initially succumbing to the temptations of Milk.

Helen Keller's Mushrooms

| Posted 10.24.2010 | Comedy

In a flash, We, the People, have become Helen Keller. Blind. Deaf. And Dumb. With an emphasis on the latter. Because nobody cares. La di dah.

Don't Vote

| Posted 10.31.2010 | Politics

Don't Vote. You don't have to. No one's going to make you. This isn't the Soviet Union. You won't be forced from your beds and dragged to the polls ag...