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Entries by Will Menaker from 03/2009

The Iceman Cometh

| Posted 03.03.2009 | Comedy

In a country where two out of the three cast-members from Predator who ran for higher office were elected, we should not feign shock or surprise.

The Leader Approved Guide To Goin' Galt

| Posted 03.09.2009 | Comedy

Rand's novel has become something of a touchstone for lonely, angry high school kids, those who haven't matured past lonely, angry high school kids, and the guy who has been running our economy for the last few decades.

Sy Hersh: Cheney Ran Secret "Deadly Viper Assassination Squad"

| Posted 03.13.2009 | Comedy

When pressed for details, Hersh said that his sources described the program as consisting of between 5 and 6 female agents who worked solely under the Vice President's authority performing hits all over the globe.

Meghan McCain: What Are You Doing This Friday?

| Posted 03.16.2009 | Comedy

I am interested in the fate of Meghan McCain. Who is now suffering the full ire of the right's true believers, who in a typically hemorrhoidal fit are now fully enraged and inflamed by McCain's apostasy.

David Addington and John Yoo Cancel Plans to Backpack Across Europe

| Posted 03.29.2009 | Comedy

"Looks like another summer of bar-b-que's at Doug Feith's place," said a visibly pained Yoo.