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Entries by William Bradley from 06/2009

Repositioning America: Obama's Cairo Speech as the Ultimate in Event Marketing

| Posted 06.04.2009 | World

Not only did no one throw shoes at Obama, the crowd of 3,000 in Cairo gave him a standing ovation. Watching the speech, I had the feeling that the world might be changing again.

Remembering America: Obama's D-Day Speech and Two Days in June

| Posted 06.08.2009 | World

On Thursday in Cairo, Obama gave his rhetorical best to reposition a mostly peaceful America in the future of the Muslim world. On Saturday in Normandy, he reminded of America's glittering past.

Obama's Crisis Management: North Korea, Again

| Posted 06.12.2009 | World

President Obama changed the old kabuki in dealing with his second North Korean crisis. He has gone in another, tougher, direction that may lead to a naval confrontation.

Obama and the Ayatollah

| Posted 06.19.2009 | World

How to respond to the Ayatollah is a particularly tricky question for Obama, because he has an unusual dual role to play: Inspirational global icon and president of the United States.

Star Trek Firsts... 43 Years On

| Posted 06.23.2009 | Entertainment

Some 43 years after it began, and seven years after the movie franchise seemed completely played out, Star Trek is making firsts again. And so far, it's the most popular movie of the year in America.

Transformative: Le Cinema de Michael Bay

| Posted 06.29.2009 | Entertainment

The fact that it is considered preposterous for a writer to not dismiss Bay's work in the most vehement of terms points up a dramatic disconnect between the critical community and the movie-going audience.