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Entries by William Bradley from 09/2010

Mad Men Makes the All-Time Television Pantheon and Unspools Another Fine Episode

| Posted 09.01.2010 | Entertainment

The first part of this season is more pleasant to watch than the first part of last season. But until we know where we're going this season, I'm not sure how consequential it will all turn out to be.

Enter the Moonbeam

| Posted 09.03.2010 | Los Angeles

Here comes Jerry Brown. After months of Zen rope-a-dope against billionaire Meg Whitman's biggest spending non-presidential campaign in American history, Brown is spinning up his campaign.

Mad Men: 'The Suitcase' Is Tougher Than Sonny Liston

| Posted 09.06.2010 | Entertainment

Elisabeth Moss, always good, shines here. Her natural reticence combines with her reluctance to definitively challenge this man whom she both fears and loves. It's a great set of moments for her, and for the series.

Gary Hart's New Memoir Shows the Continuity in Contemporary History

| Posted 09.09.2010 | Books

Reading the book I'm struck by the threads of continuity running from 1970 to 2010. America was in a state of imperial overstretch, riven by a foolish war and roiled by divisive politics. And Hart has had a unique vantage point throughout.

Jerry Brown's Off To A Rollicking Start Against Billionaire Meg Whitman

| Posted 09.11.2010 | Los Angeles

Jerry Brown finally began his advertising campaign this week and he's starting off in a good position. According to a CNN poll the race is dead even, despite Whitman having spent over $125 million, some three times more than all her opponents combined.

Mad Men: "The Summer Man" Is Clearing His Head

| Posted 09.13.2010 | Entertainment

It doesn't look like Matt Weiner is much of a Beatles fan. We've had Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, and now the Rolling Stones ... but the lads from Liverpool have been relegated to Christmas gifts for Don's kids bought by his former secretary.

Bill Clinton Hearts Jerry Brown! (And Other Tales of Intrigue)

| Posted 09.16.2010 | Los Angeles


Expendable Arnold: What's Ahead for Schwarzenegger?

| Posted 09.18.2010 | Los Angeles

It seems clear that movies are in Schwarzenegger's future. But there's plenty of politics to come before he's done being governor next January, and plenty after as well.

Mad Men: "The Beautiful Girls" Revolve Around the Not So Beautiful Men and the Not So Beautiful Biz

| Posted 09.20.2010 | Entertainment

A most unsettling episode for the women of Mad Men, from pre-teen Sally Draper to sixty-something Miss Blankenship.

Obama Struggles With Fear of "Third World America" Amidst Media and Bandwidth Challenges

| Posted 09.23.2010 | Media

With the dysfunctional and toxic media culture he has to deal with, Obama must focus more on the repetition of his economic message. And if he was waiting for the media to straighten out the story, he was quite foolish. Because the media is a mess.

Why on Earth Would Jerry Brown Want to Be Governor of California?

| Posted 09.27.2010 | Los Angeles

Jerry Brown talks now about a "re-founding" of California in the midst of chronic budget crisis and slow-mo recovery from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.