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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 01/2009

From Anonymity to a Global Voice For Human Rights... In Just a Year

| Posted 01.03.2009 | Media

The Year of Yoani Yoani Sanchez and her husband, Reinaldo Escobar Note: The following post is from Desde Aqui, the blog of Yoani Sanchez's husband...

Cuban Doctors Traded for Venezuelen Oil

| Posted 01.05.2009 | Politics

In Havana, your bank account would grow with the fifty convertible pesos you'd receive each month for your stay in Caracas. Your wife ordered a laptop and your youngest son asked for Play Station.

Castro's Promise: A Future Without Poverty; Now Only the Poor Remain

| Posted 01.06.2009 | World

The Humble I had not yet been born in April 1961, when the socialist character of the Cuban process was declared. "This is the socialist revolutio...

Though Born in Cuba, I Nearly Lost my Citizenship When I Broke the Rules

| Posted 01.12.2009 | World

On August 12, 2004, I presented myself to Cuban provincial immigration to announce, "I am me, even though I do not have the documents to prove it, and I have come to stay."

Cuba: Where Everything is Forbidden, Everything is For Sale

| Posted 01.13.2009 | World

This young man, not yet forty, sniffs out any restriction that creates a niche market. Respecting the penal code and survival are contradictory actions, he is a king in the country of the forbidden.

To Mark Half a Century of Revolution: Chavez Sent Me a Hamburger

| Posted 01.13.2009 | World

A political process of the magnitude of a socialist revolution should aspire, for its fiftieth anniversary, to more ambitious results and more pompous parties, but there is not much to give.

Instead of "Eco-Tourism" Try "Equal-Tourism": Come to Cuba and Live Like We Do!

| Posted 01.20.2009 | World

The golden advertisements that show a Cuba of mulattas, rum, music and dancing will not be able to hide the panorama of collapsing buildings, frustration and inertia. .

Obama's Speech Through a Cuban Lens; Leaving Rhetoric Behind

| Posted 01.21.2009 | Politics

The serene statement delivered yesterday by Barack Obama, with his manner of carefully constructed arguments and invocations to harmony, condemned all the rhetoric to be left in the 20th century.

My Friend Went to Cuba and All She Brought Back Was... This Lousy Husband!

| Posted 01.22.2009 | World

I don't know if it's my pale skin, but my passport is just as blue and Cuban as the one he has. If not for his false impression that I'm a foreigner, he'd never come close to me.

Forget Utopia, It's Only an Illusion: I'll Work for a Viable Cuba, Not a Perfect One

| Posted 01.22.2009 | World

Faced with the promises of a future that never takes shape, I lean toward the prospects that begin today, toward the dreams that materialize on this day.

Cuban Survival Tactic: Support the Revolution Until Your Feet are Firmly on Foreign Ground

| Posted 01.23.2009 | World

The Optimists In mid-2007, Julito assured me that before August pork would be sold at ten pesos a pound, the daily salary of the average worker. N...

Laughing in the Teeth of My New "Minders": Two Security Agents who Follow me Everywhere

| Posted 01.26.2009 | World

There is nothing more paralyzing than a woman's calf flashing in the sun in the middle of the street.

Cuba's Trains: One More Victim in the Collapse of Infrastructure

| Posted 01.29.2009 | World

Lokomotiv He started with a pick and shovel, planting the heavy crossbeams that support the train lines. His father had also been a railroad worke...