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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 04/2009

Obama Did What? Hey, Let Me Tell You About the Potato Harvest

| Posted 04.01.2009 | World

The Cuban press barely mentioned this positive step taken by Obama to ease the limitations on travel to the Island for Cuban Americans. An official silence was the only response to this measure.

As a Punishment for My Blog, I May Not Leave Cuba

| Posted 04.04.2009 | World

For the third time in just a year, I've been denied permission to leave Cuba to travel abroad. I have never been charged in court yet I am condemned not to leave this Island.

Among My Son's Friends, the Least Qualified Train to Teach the Next Generation

| Posted 04.07.2009 | World

Among my son's friends is one who is particularly apathetic who is about to finish basic secondary school. He cares little for his books and it's be...

After the Congressional Visit, Cubans Await Obama's Next Step With Joy and Hope

| Posted 04.09.2009 | World

The Seven Passing By Thebes. The visit of seven members of the United States Congress to our country has intensified expectations about an avalanche...

In Cuba Eating Lobster is a Crime and Succeeding in Business Can Land You in Jail

| Posted 04.12.2009 | World

I'm deeply shamed that the police in my country are dedicated to imprisoning enterprising citizens, while the streets are full of criminals who snatch purses, steal and defraud.

Remembering the Mariel Boatlift

| Posted 04.12.2009 | World

Today I bring you photos of the port that gave its name to thousands of Cubans and then fell into a long oblivion for thirty years. "Los Marielitos"...

Obama Threw the Ball, Now It's in Raul's Court

| Posted 04.14.2009 | World

If the Cuban government doesn't grab the ball, there are thousands of hands ready to take our turn to launch it.

A Cuban Rafter Needed Money for an Engine, I Needed A Laptop... The Genesis of a Blog

| Posted 04.15.2009 | World

Today in Italy the publisher Rizzoli is presenting a compilation of my posts entitled "Cuba Libre." I hope to be able to announce soon an edition i...

The Winds of Art, and of Freedom, Blew For a Few Minutes in Havana

| Posted 04.17.2009 | World

[VIDEO: See below.] The Tenth Visual Arts Biennial in Havana allowed us to enjoy some bubbles of freedom. Hidden in metaphor and protected by the mu...

After the Summit of the Americas, Raul Castro Offers to Talk to Obama, But Not to Us

| Posted 04.21.2009 | World

I don't know what to think, given the difference between what is said to the outside world and the tiresome sermon we get every day.

On May Day Cubans Will Beat Out a "Kitchen Chorus" for Freedom

| Posted 04.23.2009 | World

The old pots and pans for feeding the family can be transformed, in the event, into the ballot we can't leave in the box and into the hand we dare no...

The Short Night of the Long Knives

| Posted 04.25.2009 | World

People waiting, with a stick or a knife under the bed for a day they can use them. Entrenched hatred against those who betrayed them, denied them a...

Young Pro-Democracy Advocate Edgar Lopez Trapped in Cuba

| Posted 04.27.2009 | World

Photo: Green shirt, Edgar Lopez. Orange shirt, Yoani Sanchez Note: Edgar Lopez is the leader of a youth pro-democracy group in Cuba. The U.S. gover...