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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 06/2009

Unlike Cubans, Berliners Could See and Touch Their Wall, and Physically Tear it Down

| Posted 06.02.2009 | World

A stage divided by the Berlin Wall on one side -- seeming so much like Cuba today -- a group of people who fight to buy, love and subsist. Through th...

June 4, 1989: Solidarity's Triumph in Poland Marked the Beginning of My Disbelief

| Posted 06.04.2009 | World

I was only fourteen and everything was happening too fast around me. The material shortages were severe and in the shops of my city it was already d...

Forged in the Logic of Confrontation, the Castros Reject OAS Opening

| Posted 06.05.2009 | World

Forged in the logic of confrontation, a possible seat in the OAS appears to Cuban leaders as more dangerous than the barricades before which they feel so comfortable.

Red Medalists: Their Sport? Leaving the Communist Party

| Posted 06.07.2009 | World

Among us there exists a frequently practiced sport, but one whose statistics and events are not mentioned anywhere. This is the sport of surrendering the Communist Party card.

Cubans Wait Uneasily Through Power Cuts and Food Shortages, Their Dreams Deferred

| Posted 06.13.2009 | World

There is uneasiness, power cuts in some neighborhoods, and a general sensation that we are going downhill.

Neurosurgeon Hilda Molina Finally Allowed to Leave Cuba to Meet Her Grandchildren

| Posted 06.14.2009 | World

Hilda Molina and I share a couple of rare "privileges"; we were both mentioned in Fidel Castro's prologue for the book Fidel, Bolivia and Something M...

A Window into the Cuban Blogosphere: Reinaldo Escobar on Barack Obama

| Posted 06.15.2009 | World

For the Cuban government, which continues to measure its relations with its northern neighbor by our differences, the cycle of suspicion and discord shows no sign of coming to an end.

Iranians Denounce Injustice, Provide Lessons to Cuban Bloggers [VIDEO]

| Posted 06.17.2009 | World

What is happening in Iran and its dissemination through the Internet is a lesson for Cuban bloggers.

Is Cuba At War? And If So, Against Whom?

| Posted 06.20.2009 | World

This post is one in a weekly series in which I am introducing the writings of the wider Cuban blogosphere to Huffington Post Readers. Are We On Red ...

Elsewhere It's Called "Stealing," but in Cuba We Call It "Resolving"

| Posted 06.21.2009 | World

An uncertain summer awaits us, where they announce power cuts, higher prices and where there is even a prediction of an emigration stampede. Many Cub...

Hurricane Victims Caught In A No Man's Land of Indifference [VIDEO]

| Posted 06.24.2009 | World

2009-06-24-CALETONE.jpg Inhabitants of Caletone have been swept into a no man's land not only by hurricane-force winds, but by indifference.

Fidel Never Stopped Talking But Raul Doesn't Have a Thing to Say

| Posted 06.25.2009 | World

I confess I prefer the restrained style, but there are a lot of explanations outstanding which, in the face of so much discontent, are urgent.

The Ghost of Power Cuts Past Returns to Cuba

| Posted 06.30.2009 | World

Cuba can no longer resell a portion of the barrels that come from Caracas and this -- along with the international financial problems -- has forced it to re-impose the cuts.