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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 08/2009

Cuba's Communist Party Delays Congress, Confirming Dynasties Need No Consensus

| Posted 08.02.2009 | World

The delay in establishing directives and plans bears witness that the country is governed in another way: more personal, more reduced to the will of one man.

I Am Terrified of Losing My Son, Yet I Long to be the Wings of His Escape

| Posted 08.04.2009 | World

What would I love more than that my son would stay in Cuba. But I do not have a single convincing argument to tell him not to leave.

When The State Owns Everything, You Have to Cheat to Survive

| Posted 08.07.2009 | World
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The taxi belongs to the State but the need is yours. So you sit in front of the steering wheel with one clear objective: to get everything you can from your customers.

The Censor Knows That My Tender Cuban Eyes Can't be Trusted With Unfiltered Television News

| Posted 08.10.2009 | World

Over the years I have learned to distrust what comes over the TV screen in Cuba, and even more so when it comes to the news.

Facing Che's Image, In The Shadow of Marti, a Concert is More Than a Concert

| Posted 08.11.2009 | Entertainment

On the September 20th, the Colombian singer Juanes will try to put a human face on an architectural ensemble where no one is going to go and sit placidly.

Fidel's Dictionary: A Man's Phrases are Compiled When You Know He's Finished

| Posted 08.13.2009 | World

To be reduced to the pages of a book, when once you held the microphone in front of a million people, must be a consolation as tasteless as the pap they administer to a patient.

Two Years In Prison For A Drunken Shout Of "FOOD!" [VIDEO]

| Posted 08.16.2009 | World

The spontaneity, and the emphasis he gave to asking for "grub" has turned the brief video of Juan Carlos, alias Panfilo or Dimwitted, into a "superhit" on the alternative information networks in Cuba.

Depression on the Rise

| Posted 08.18.2009 | World

I note in the voices of Cubans this tone of despair that is only relieved when taking some kind of pill that helps you to relax and sleep.

This Is Cuba: We Can't Even Post a Scrap of Paper Saying "Puppies For Sale"

| Posted 08.20.2009 | World

A paper, recently stuck on a wall: "I unblock cell phones," it said, and gave the phone number of the shrewd technician. These little handwritten cards are forbidden in Cuba.

Open the Doors of the Cage and We Can Feed Ourselves

| Posted 08.25.2009 | World

Speculation grows about the possible disappearance of the food rationing system in Cuba. Those who are frightened by this possibility can't imagine a life without the benefit from the State, without the crutch of subsidization.