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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 09/2009

The Bricklayer's Art And The Contours of Freedom

| Posted 09.01.2009 | World

In Cuba, it is so easy to end up in prison, so short the road leading to a cell, we are all -- potentially -- convicts who pace the penitentiaries

Another School Year Starts, But There Is No New Beginning for Cuba

| Posted 09.02.2009 | World

The August heat brings on intolerance and critics arise on every corner in Cuba. The powers above open kiosks with cheap rum in the most populated neighborhoods.

34 Years

| Posted 09.04.2009 | World

Since I left home in Cuba, I have learned to value autonomy, to distrust the subsidies and all these "gifts" that they constantly throw in the faces of citizens.

Raised at Fidel's Knees, a Son of the Revolution Tells Us What's Behind the Curtain

| Posted 09.06.2009 | World

Juan Juan Almeida brushed up against power and got scratched, without it doing him much good. His book, Memoirs of an Unknown Cuban Guerrilla, is the story of a brazen witness.

Growing Cuban Blogosphere Celebrates With First Blog Awards

| Posted 09.10.2009 | World

On 09/09/09, the award ceremony for the first Cuban blogger contest, A Virtual Island, took place.

Signs of Seduction and Change Sprout on Cuban Bodies

| Posted 09.13.2009 | World

Dying your hair blue, getting a tattoo or attaching a ring to your navel is no longer seen as an ideological debility. Signs have begun to sprout on bodies, of seduction and change.

Ideological Kitsch [VIDEO]

| Posted 09.17.2009 | World
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Cuban Bloggers Win Another Victory: This One for "Panfilo"

| Posted 09.18.2009 | World

I woke to news of the transfer of Panfilo from prison to a psychiatric clinic, perhaps to start his detox. On the list of victories won, we can add the release of this humble man from his cell.

Juanes Sings in Havana For "One Cuban Family"

| Posted 09.21.2009 | World

Tomorrow will dawn as every Monday. The convertible peso will continue its ascent, Adolfo and his colleagues will have another day behind bars in the ...

If We Could Travel Freely Even Just Around Cuba, What Would Happen?

| Posted 09.25.2009 | World

The dust raised by the Juanes concert made us neglect important issues of our reality. Even negotiations to reestablish direct mail service between the United States and Cuba have been met with indifference.

Cuban Hip Hop Singer Detained

| Posted 09.29.2009 | World

They knocked on the door with a search warrant that Aldo's mother could barely see. They went directly to take the computer where the lyrics of those songs that circulate throughout the country are stored.