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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 03/2010

Does Zapata's Death Mark a Turning Point for Cuba?

| Posted 03.01.2010 | World

Last week's death in prison of the human rights activist Orlando Zapata Tamayo continues to reverberate throughout Cuba and the world.

Once Again, Refused Permission to Leave My Country

| Posted 03.02.2010 | World

The lady raises the stamp and brings it near the paper, then finally sets it off to the side. You are not authorized to leave Cuba; you are in the dungeon of the "immobilized pilgrims."

Second Cuban Hunger Striker, Guillermo Farinas, On the Verge of Death

| Posted 03.02.2010 | World

Like many dissidents, Guillermo 'Coco' Farinas used to believe in Fidel Castro's revolution. He risked his hide fighting in the isolated villages of Angola during the 1980s.

Casting Hopeless Ballots at Fake Polls

| Posted 03.05.2010 | World

I watch my fellow citizens go to the bodega like automatons, meekly vegetate at work and cast hopeless ballots at the polls. Their lives pass by whil...

"Reality TV" Cuban Style: The State Films - and Broadcasts - Our Private Lives

| Posted 03.08.2010 | World

Along with Brazilian soap operas, documentaries pirated from the Discovery Channel, and the boring Round Table talk show, there is another form of tel...

Farinas Continues Hunger Strike for Release of Ill Political Prisoners in Cuba

| Posted 03.12.2010 | World

Guillermo "Coco" Farinas is on a hunger and thirst strike in Cuba for the release of political prisoners who are ill.

World Opinion Joins to Mourn, and Save, the Lives of Cuba's Hunger Strikers

| Posted 03.15.2010 | World

Seven years ago this week, as the world was distracted by the start of the war of in Iraq, the Cuban regime rounded up 75 journalists and other democr...

Cuba's Revolutionary Heroes With Suitcases of Cash in Their Water Tanks?

| Posted 03.15.2010 | World

The "historic" generation not only showed us how to live a complete masquerade, they have also sown the idea that the nation's coffers are managed like a personal wallet.

The Revolution's Troubadour No Longer Believes

| Posted 03.16.2010 | World

To walk to the edge of the stage and speak only within limits is required practice for certain critical artists still living in Cuba.

"Ladies in White" Attacked by Government Sanctioned Mob

| Posted 03.18.2010 | World

The Ladies in White, wives and mothers of Cuba's political prisoners, were attacked by a mob in Havana yesterday, as they peacefully marched to mark the 7th anniversary of the "Black Spring."

Leaked Photos Prevent Cuban Cover-Up

| Posted 03.19.2010 | World

The deaths of at least 26 psychiatric patients, from hunger and cold, at Havana's Mazorra psychiatric hospital, the death of the hunger striker Orland...

Plaaaaaaay BALL! (In Cuba, Even Baseball is Censored!) [VIDEO]

| Posted 03.20.2010 | World

Special to the Huffington Post. As it does every year, the Baseball National Series attracts the attention of millions of Cubans. "The ball," as we ...

"Fight for Your Food"

| Posted 03.21.2010 | World

The metaphor reveals a reality that the official media tries to keep hidden: the widespread need to resort to petty crime to survive amid the daily difficulties and excessive government control.

When Silence Means Dissent

| Posted 03.22.2010 | World

Silvio Benitez received only 15 out of 120 votes in the election for delegate of his district, but his victory was in all those mouths that didn't venture to mention his name but didn't reject him.

The Past That Awaits Us; What Will They Tell Their Children?

| Posted 03.25.2010 | World

Today's guest post is from Reinaldo Escobar's blog: Desde Aqui/From Here. Image source: The Past That Awaits Us By Reinaldo Escobar ...

Google Says "No" to China, But DHL Says "Yes" to Castro

| Posted 03.26.2010 | World

Now, when headlines around the world are announcing the end of the Google's collusion with Chinese censorship, foreign companies located in Cuba continue to obey ideological filters imposed by the government.

Another Castro Acolyte Admits: Cuba Needs Change

| Posted 03.30.2010 | World

I once identified Cuban musician Silvio Rodriguez with the system, the government, the group in power. Now he acts with the stealth of someone who has too much to lose if he shares all his opinions about the national disaster.