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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 04/2010

Fuedal Serfdom: The Fate of Health Professionals in Cuba

| Posted 04.01.2010 | World

This is not the chronicle of a woman who manages to escape from her abusive husband, nor the story of a teenager who runs away from authoritarian par...

Using Elian Gonzalez to Earn a New Apartment

| Posted 04.02.2010 | World

For many, finally getting their own home encouraged them to commit themselves even more to the official discourse and their public stance moved a little closer to unconditional support.

Bicycles and Crises

| Posted 04.05.2010 | World

Twenty years ago our streets began to fill with bicycles and empty of cars. It wasn't in fashion to protect the environment, nor to get exercise, ra...

Will Cuba's Young Communists Keep Today's Promises?

| Posted 04.05.2010 | World

Those who today form the Union of Young Communists were born in a period when toys were not seen in the ration shops and they could only drink milk, legally, until they were seven.

My Book is Banned In Cuba, But My Words Fly Freely on the Web

| Posted 04.09.2010 | World

Just yesterday, on the eve of the presentation in Chile of a compilation of my blog posts under the title Cuba Libre, I received a report from the Cu...

Three Years Ago Raul Castro Promised Us a Glass of Milk; Now He Speaks of The Apocalyse

| Posted 04.11.2010 | World

The words Raul Castro delivered last Sunday have brought us trenches, parapets and apocalyptic images of an Island sinking into the sea.

A Sign of Hope? Cuban Opponents Engage in Civil Debate

| Posted 04.11.2010 | World

Are we witnessing the collapse of the interior walls that isolate us from each other? How many more would be willing to set aside insult and sit down and talk?

For Cubans, The Stigma of Prosperity

| Posted 04.13.2010 | World

The desire to be competitive was punished with labels very difficult to expunge from our dossiers, accusations such as self-sufficient or immodest.

Cuba's State Run Economy Plans to Lay Off 1 in 4 Workers

| Posted 04.14.2010 | World

In a seemingly never ending cycle there are frequent announcements of remedies that will invigorate our economy. This time, from the perspective of those who will be left without jobs, it can be summarized in one word: unemployment.

Joint Venture Scandal Transfixes Cubans

| Posted 04.16.2010 | World

Where there's smoke, there's fire. The closing of the Rio Zaza factory smells of greenbacks, embezzlement, and has the stench of corruption.

Sign for Freedom

| Posted 04.17.2010 | World

Special to Huffington Post. Never before has a document managed to collect so many signatures calling for improvements in human rights in Cuba. Wha...

An Island Where Looting the State Is a Means of Survival

| Posted 04.19.2010 | World

The point is that the government knows that people steal from every workplace, but they also understand that closing all the conduits of this ransacking would create a climate of great social tension.

Free Expression: On the Wings of a Little Blue Bird

| Posted 04.21.2010 | World

"No one can save you from fifteen years," threatened the officer, while asserting that sending an SMS to someone with such a strange name who lived so far away was a crime of enormous proportions.

Fidel Castro: "Elections? Why?" The Cuban People: "Vote? Why bother?"

| Posted 04.24.2010 | World

With the coming of the 90s, many children who had been guardians of the elections evolved into young people who annulled their ballots with statements in between exclamation marks.

Havana Has The Air of a Brothel...

| Posted 04.26.2010 | World

With a tight sweater and gel-smeared hair, he offers his body for only twenty convertible pesos a night. His face, with its high cheekbones and slant...

"The Murmurs Overlap... Everyone Spies on Everyone."

| Posted 04.29.2010 | World
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He had repaired all types of books, from Bibles to incunabula with pages on the point of turning to dust. He was very good at returning to their plac...