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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 08/2010

Losing a Tooth, Winning a Number

| Posted 08.01.2010 | World

Months ago I dreamt I lost a tooth. That tiny one on the side that's been with me for more than thirty years. An incisor that has never moved and th...

The Smoke Gets in My Hair, And in My Lungs

| Posted 08.04.2010 | World

Notwithstanding my abstinence, a couple months ago I was diagnosed with emphysema and the doctor gave me a wink while saying, "You smoke, right?"

Lessons From A Cuban Childhood: Learning How To Stand In Line

| Posted 08.07.2010 | World
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My mother shifts from side to side. She stands first on one leg and then the other, while I wrap my skinny 7-year-old arms around her hips. What is t...

Chilean Businessman Max Marambio Skips Court Date on Corruption Charges in Cuba

| Posted 08.08.2010 | World

A week ago Max Marambio, alias El Guaton - The Fatso - was due to come to this Island, appear before a court, explain certain matters. The owner of t...

Lobster, Shrimp and Beef: Will Cuban Laws Against Their Possession Change?

| Posted 08.09.2010 | World

In a private restaurant, Humberto serves lobster, shrimp and beef. The meats are of great interest to the police; under Cuban law their possession, without the proper papers, can lead to long prison terms.

Internal and External Walls Block Cubans From Internet Sites

| Posted 08.12.2010 | World

Those who govern us have satellite antennas in their homes, broadband, open Internet, iPhones full of applications, while we -- the citizens -- trip over screens that say "this service is not available in your country."

Fidel Castro, Present and Past

| Posted 08.13.2010 | World

Fidel Castro's return to public life after a four-year absence provokes conflicting emotions here. His reappearance surprised a people awaiting, wit...

Juan Juan Almeida, Son of Revolutionary Hero, Trapped in Cuba without Medical Care

| Posted 08.15.2010 | World

Today's guest post is very brief. It is from Juan Juan Almeida's blog, The Voice of El Morro. Juan Juan is the son of the recently deceased Juan Almei...

An Island Without the Sea

| Posted 08.18.2010 | World
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I have the illusion that one day it won't be necessary to show a foreign passport to rent a boat. The sails will return to take over this bay, reminding us that we live in a maritime Havana, born between the cries of the corsairs and the clamor of the port.

Where Economic Crisis Is A Decades Old Reality

| Posted 08.21.2010 | World

Exclusive to Huffington Post. When I was little and the vital underpinnings of the Cuban economy came from the Kremlin, my mother made me eat all my...

Havana's Housing Stock Is Literally Falling Into The Street

| Posted 08.22.2010 | World

The building numbered 216 let out a sharp crack seconds before the walls separated and the roof collapsed. The walls fell at an hour in the early mor...

Cellphone Service Thomas Alva Edison Would Recognize

| Posted 08.24.2010 | World

Despite recent reductions in the high rates in Cuba, even a doctor can't afford cellphone service, but the political police enjoy subsidized rates which they can pay in national currency.

Juan Juan Almeida's Hunger Strike Succeeds: He Is Allowed to Leave Cuba

| Posted 08.27.2010 | World

Juan Juan Almeida with his daughter, Indira, and wife, Consuelo yesterday in Miami The day that Juan Juan Almeida announced the start of his hunger...

Cuba Cuts Consumer Subsidies Again, This Time Cigarettes

| Posted 08.27.2010 | World

Eight in the morning and the rails of the station at Factor and Tulipán still have the freshness of the dawn. The only train, coming from San Anton...

Che and the "Original Sin" of the Intellectuals

| Posted 08.28.2010 | World

Art for tourists in Cuba: Che is always prominently displayed Exclusive to Huffington Post. It's been said a thousand and one times: intellectuals ...

Saving Lives... Or Saving Hugo Chavez?

| Posted 08.31.2010 | World

Barrio Adentro Clinic in Venezuela -- Image taken from: "You must turn in your passport!" So they told him on arriv...