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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 11/2010

"A Roof, A Decent Salary, Permission to Travel..."

| Posted 11.01.2010 | World

Five decades of "we," of indoctrinating us in the behavior of the shelter or the squad, and yet in the park this morning a young man said, "What I wan...

Aerocaribbean Flight 833 Crash in Cuba Kills 68

| Posted 11.05.2010 | World

Aerocaribbean plane ATR 72 (CU-T1545) at the airport Holguin, Cuba, similar to the plane that crashed today How many human dramas around each victim ...

Cuban Communist Party to Meet to Try to Rescue Communism

| Posted 11.10.2010 | World

The Draft Guidelines for the Communist Party's VI Congress is a good exercise to sharpen our senses, a model example to evaluate the practice of speaking without speaking, which is what state discourse is here.

Toe Shoes in the Night

| Posted 11.13.2010 | World

On the stage is a figure in toe shoes and a tutu, one of the principle dancers of the American Ballet Theater which is visiting Havana. The audience applauds to delirium for a dance troupe that hasn't been in Cuba for 50 years.

Havana, A City Seasoned By The Old, Increasingly Distant From The Modern

| Posted 11.14.2010 | World

A sequence of roofs, avenues and narrow streets, reproduced with plastic and paint. A small scale city, locked in the Model of Havana room in the Mi...

Communist Party Congress To Work on Economy but Not Human Rights

| Posted 11.14.2010 | World

It is seven in the morning and a crowd is waiting in front of the neighborhood's only newsstand. They aren't there for Granma, an example of a newspap...

Do The Leaders Notice That Their Children Choose to Leave Cuba?

| Posted 11.18.2010 | World

Glancing at the TV I was caught by a phrase from Zenaida Romeu, director of the chamber group that bears her name. It's Tuesday and the energy of thi...

The Mandarins Come By Boat

| Posted 11.20.2010 | World

What days those were -- when no one had to bring us, from a far off continent, what our own Cuban earth could produce.

The Lovers' Bridge

| Posted 11.23.2010 | Impact

There is a false impression, quite widespread, that lovers are people with their heads in the clouds, oblivious to practical details. But there are romances that owe their survival to carefully calculated actions.

The Prodigal Friend

| Posted 11.24.2010 | World
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He returns speaking softly, knocking cautiously on the door of that friend he hasn't wanted to see for more than a year. For a long time he doesn't ta...

A Culture of Intimidation

| Posted 11.25.2010 | World

No judge will hear a complaint against the olive-green institution that rules Cuba. My complaint to the court for the beating and false arrest I suffered last February has met only silence from the legal institutions.

Prosperity and Personal Well-being: "Completely contrary to the principles of our society"

| Posted 11.25.2010 | World

The response of the General Customs of the Republic to my complaint about the confiscation of ten copies of the book Cuba Libre is incredible. See wit...

Meet Pepito, the Character Who Makes Cubans Laugh

| Posted 11.26.2010 | World

What makes us roar with laughter would make us cry, if we couldn't find a way to joke about it. Pepito has mocked us in our greatest miseries, but how we love him.

Open Letter to the World (Excepting Abel Prieto, Cuba's Minister of Culture)

| Posted 11.26.2010 | World

Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo Today's guest post is from my fellow blogger Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo. Orlando recently collaborated in the filming of a docum...

Cuba's Joint Venture Phone Company, In Bed With the Censors

| Posted 11.29.2010 | World

Cubacel comports itself as if it is an accomplice to the ideologically motivated censorship; supporting a reprimand from the political police, it puts an error message on our screens.

The Country of Long Shadows

| Posted 11.30.2010 | World

There are two men on the corner. One of them wears a headset attached to one ear while the other looks toward the door of the building. In Cuba, every non-conformist has a group of political police pursuing him.