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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 01/2011

The Buried Revolution

| Posted 01.02.2011 | World

In Cuba, the word "revolution" is absent from popular predictions for the new year, as the majority of citizens no longer consider it a dynamic entity. When they refer to the prevailing model in the country they do so as if it were a straightjacket.

"This Man Lives Without Fear"

| Posted 01.05.2011 | World

The Great Blackout by Pedro Pablo Oliva Pinar del Rio is a city without movie theaters, an urban place where cars barely pass and at night the stre...

New Year Brings More Layoffs in Cuba

| Posted 01.07.2011 | World

She was an attorney at a business in Camagüey until the Day of the Magi, when her gift was a layoff notice. Disheartened, she took home her plastic d...

My Prince Claus Award Will Fund a Newspaper

| Posted 01.07.2011 | World

The Prince Claus Award is an award that looks forward, a stimulus that invites dreams and the setting of higher goals. This year, 2011, could be the stage to realize some journalistic challenges.

Daddy State and His Frightened Children

| Posted 01.10.2011 | World

For weeks they were afraid they would appear on the list of layoffs on the wall, the list of names of those who -- at that hospital -- would be left ...

The Country of Long Shadows

| Posted 01.11.2011 | World

There are two men on the corner. One is wearing an earphone while the other peers into the door of a building. All the neighbors know perfectly well w...

The Devaluation of Piracy

| Posted 01.13.2011 | World

With their colorful covers and nylon sleeves, the new supply of CDs and DVDs fills every corner of my city. Selling music, TV series and movies is one...

Cuban Cigars, Legal and Otherwise

| Posted 01.17.2011 | World

The business generates a network of corruption and earnings of incalculable size. Everyone leaves happy: the roller, the guard, the illegal seller and... the State? OK... but who cares?

Cuban Coffee Made From Roasted Peas?

| Posted 01.18.2011 | World

The souvenir and craft market near the port vibrates, full of life on this day. It's Sunday and the tourists circulate among the wood carvings, leathe...

Julia Stiles and Me, An Embrace is Possible

| Posted 01.20.2011 | World

The snack bar on 13th between F and G -- that afternoon on December -- is full of security agents and admirers. The first are the ones who follow this...

Cuba's Elderly Sell Bits and Pieces on the Street to Survive

| Posted 01.22.2011 | World

He bought a box of strong cigars though he doesn't smoke, a cloth bag for errands, though he already had one, and two boring copies of Granma on the s...

Rediscovering Lost Flavors

| Posted 01.23.2011 | World


Fiber Optics to Control Us

| Posted 01.24.2011 | World

For more than two years the fiber optic cable between Cuba and Venezuela has been the carrot dangled before the eyes of the inhabitants of this disconnected Island.

A Country Literally Immobilized

| Posted 01.30.2011 | World

Our ancient metropolis is condemned to immobility in a long and narrow country where trains were introduced even earlier than in Spain.

In Advance of the Communist Party Congress, a Forced Unanimity

| Posted 01.31.2011 | World

He cleared his throat before explaining why they were meeting, in the sober drama that is rarely seen anymore. In his hands he held, like a script, th...