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Entries by Yoani Sanchez from 05/2011

Cubans to Be Able to Buy and Sell Real Estate

| Posted 05.05.2011 | World

For decades in Cuba a market in housing was prohibited and it was only possible to exchange properties through a concept popularly known as a "swap."

Macrobiotics in Cuba? Only for El Comandante

| Posted 05.06.2011 | World

In a country where the greatest question people ask is "what will I eat today?", the publication of the Fidel Castro's macrobiotic diet came as a bucket of cold water.

Peruvian Elections: The View From Cuba

| Posted 05.07.2011 | World

It is difficult to remain silent when you see your neighbor in such a difficult dilemma, and you know that the path they choose will mark a part of the path of every Latin American.

Cuban Police Beat Peaceful Opponent to Death

| Posted 05.08.2011 | World

Today I was going to publish a text about Mother's Day, a brief vignette where I would tell of my mother, her hands smelling of onions, garlic and cum...

A Manual or a Sonnet?

| Posted 05.13.2011 | World

Long ago I read that the acid test of a poet was to write a sonnet. Like a sonnet, there is nothing harder to write than a technical manual.

Worst Drought in 50 Years Threatens Cuba's Already Meager Food Production

| Posted 05.15.2011 | World

Where is the drizzle on the windowpane, the smell of the humidity, the droplets left on the leaves after a storm? We have not been able to bathe, even in the first downpour of May.

Punishment Is Swift for Cuban Painter-Politician Who Calls for a Multi-Party System

| Posted 05.21.2011 | World

Among the lashes applied by Daddy State this time, is the closure of the cultural center run by the painter Pedro Pablo Oliva, located in the city of Pinar del Rio.

For Basque Radicals, Cuba Turns From Refuge to Prison

| Posted 05.24.2011 | World

I was eight months pregnant when I met two Basque radicals living in Cuba, Rosa and Carlos, or at least that's what they called themselves then. They ...

From a Cuban Tenement to an Italian Brothel: The High Price of Escape

| Posted 05.30.2011 | World

She recreated, in her letters and phone calls, a reality very different from what she was living. Not a word of extortion, nor of the husband who had evaporated leaving her in the hands of a "boss" whom she had to obey.