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Entries by Zach Carter from 07/2010

The Lying Liars at Goldman Sachs

| Posted 07.01.2010 | Business

Goldman Sachs sent its second-highest-ranking officer to to tell the FCIC that his company is staffed by complete idiots. David Viniar claimed that his company just doesn't know how to do basic bookkeeping.

Don't Let Goldman Sachs Off the Hook

| Posted 07.07.2010 | Business

We want Fed money to be fueling business and consumer lending -- we don't want it to be encouraging gambling in the securities and derivatives casinos.

Wall Street Is Laundering Drug Money And Getting Away With It

| Posted 07.14.2010 | Business

Wachovia Bank is accused of laundering $380 billion in Mexican drug cartel money, and is expected to emerge with a slap on the wrist thanks to a government policy which protects megabanks from criminal charges.

Wall Street Reform: Five Key Fights After the Bill Is Signed

| Posted 07.21.2010 | Business

The Wall Street bill has much to be said for it, but the unfortunate truth is that it ducks several of the most critical reforms needed to protect our economy from banker abuse.

There Are Zero Good Reasons to Block Elizabeth Warren

| Posted 07.27.2010 | Business

The political case for appointing Warren is even stronger than the policy case. Choosing anybody other than Warren will not make Obama appear reasonable or moderate--it will make him look weak and corruptible.

Where Are the Prosecutions? SEC Lets Citi Execs Go Free After $40 Billion Subprime Lie

| Posted 07.30.2010 | Business

What is the penalty for bankers who tell $40 billion lies? Somewhere between nothing and a rounding-error on your bonus.