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Entries by Zach Carter from 10/2010

Robbing the Middle Class: Republican 'Pledge' Lets Wall Street off the Hook

| Posted 10.05.2010 | Business

Republicans have not only pledged to set Wall Street loose, they've vowed not to clean-up the economic mess that results. When Wall Street sets the economy on fire, they'll let it burn -- if that means home, your job, or your retirement, so be it.

Obama Must Reject The Foreclosure Fraud Bailout

| Posted 10.07.2010 | Business

UPDATE: President Obama vetoed the foreclosure fraud bailout this afternoon, but plenty of other battles are already raging. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla....

Axelrod Is Wrong: Obama Must Protect American Families From Wall Street Fraud

| Posted 10.11.2010 | Business

If senior White House adviser David Axelrod's comments this weekend are any indication, the Obama administration is woefully misreading the foreclosure fraud crisis currently gripping the U.S. economy.

The Subprime Swindle and the Foreclosure Fraud Cover-Up

| Posted 10.13.2010 | Business

Fraud in the foreclosure process conceals a second, more massive fraud: the astonishing levels of mortgage fraud perpetrated by subprime lenders during the housing bubble.

Foreclosure-Gate Fallout: How Bad Can It Get For Wall Street?

| Posted 10.20.2010 | Business

JPMorgan Chase loves using its research department to push its agenda that puts them in the optimist camp. But take a look at their methodology. The scope of losses gets drastically larger if you change a few arbitrary assumptions.

Campaign Cash: How Citizens United Will Change Elections Forever

| Posted 10.25.2010 | Politics

If a firm makes it known they are willing spend millions of dollars to fight anyone who opposes them on a particular policy issue, senators might begin changing their voting behavior before the company actually has to put up the cash.

Are Treasury's Knives Coming Out Against Elizabeth Warren?

| Posted 10.29.2010 | Business

It's somewhat astonishing that Treasury officials would be working to paint Warren as some kind of prima donna. These silly stories raise troubling questions about what they may be leaking with fewer fingerprints and greater ramifications.