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Entries by Zoe P. Strassfield from 09/2011

Coming Home and Going Into Orbit

| Posted 09.02.2011 | College

Throughout my internship, I was excited about the Dawn probe. If everything worked out okay, Dawn would be the first spacecraft to enter orbit around one extraterrestrial world, leave it, and go into orbit around another.

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute! Part 1

| Posted 09.04.2011 | College

I had been accepted for Boston University's First Year Student Outreach Project, a program that allows freshmen to come to Boston a week early and get used to living on campus while performing community service in the greater Boston area.

Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute! Part 2

| Posted 09.05.2011 | College

We were visiting a farm that grew fresh fruits and vegetables for The Food Project, an organization that distributed them to hunger relief organizations in the Boston area and local communities that might not otherwise have access to fresh, healthy food.

The Best First Day of School Ever!

| Posted 09.12.2011 | College

We would much rather still be reading on the beach, reading at the library, reading in bed after waking up late... but summer always has to end, what can you do about it?

Up on the Roof, Part 2

| Posted 09.17.2011 | College

Galileo could probably see more stars from Florence than we could from Boston, but I had a feeling his sense of relaxation in turning to the skies after a long day was probably similar to my own.

Up on the Roof, Part 1

| Posted 09.18.2011 | College

Events of September 14th, 2011 (Yes, the title of this post is taken from the Carole King song, which I'm not ashamed to say I first heard in the IMA...