Clinton Camp Issues Clarifications

03/27/2008 07:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Howard Wolfson, communications director for the Clinton campaign, has offered the following clarifications concerning the campaign.

Senator Clinton did not claim to find a westward route to the Pacific. The work for that was accomplished by Lewis and Clark.

Senator Clinton did not claim to create the Fox Trot. It was created by a man named Irving Fox upon seeing a woman across a ballroom of whom it was said Mr. Fox was hot to trot.

Senator Clinton did not technically vote in favor of the war in Iraq. Senator Clinton has made herself perfectly clear on that subject.

Senator Clinton did not credit herself with personally brokering peace in Northern Ireland. Senator Clinton was personally involved, however, as she has always been a fan of "Riverdance."

Senator Clinton does not have a sense of entitlement about becoming president. Senator Clinton feels no more entitled than any other extremely brilliant woman who has paid her dues and whose time has come.

Senator Clinton did not instruct James Carville to call Bill Richardson "a Judas." At the time the comment was conceived Senator Clinton was in church. With a pastor we all can be proud of.

Senator Clinton did not reverse herself from her original position on denying the validity of primaries in Michigan and Florida. Senator Clinton simply wants every person's vote to count so as to be properly tallied along Electoral College lines.

Senator Clinton does not support triangulation in politics nor the triangle offense in basketball. Triangulation is a strategy popularized by Dick Morris and the triangle offense was perfected in the NBA by Phil Jackson. Senator Clinton's political philosophy lies somewhere in the middle of both.

Senator Clinton is not trailing in the nomination process to Senator Obama. Senator Clinton is leading in every measurable category when all indeterminate indices are legitimately and proportionally factored into the projected aggregate.