06/30/2010 06:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Deep-Cover Russian Agents Number 12 to 15 Million

The number of Russian agents who have infiltrated American life working in ordinary jobs and interacting with neighbors is vastly larger than has been reported, according to an F.B.I. operative speaking unofficially. The long-term program created by the S.V.R, the successor to the K.G.B., was not merely to gather information about American political life, but was intended to alter life in America.

"It's immense," the agent says. "The goal was to influence how we live, elections, and I don't mean only national elections, school boards, Little Leagues. They've got Ruskies everywhere. Why do you think it's been so hard to get metal bats out of the hands of young baseball players and use safer wood bats? Ruskies. Why do you think the food is so bad in Brighton Beach restaurants? Ruskies. Why do you think the lines are so long at your motor vehicle offices? Ruskies. They want to affect the quality of life for Americans.

The agent continued, "The persons next to you on your crowded bus or subway, crowding up your bus or subway, Ruskies."

"It's a secret invasion. Take The Tea Party with its anti-government agenda. In whose interest is it to put down the government, I ask you. Ruskies. They've completely infiltrated The Tea Party.

When asked whether the 12 to 15 million figure he originally offered might be too high, the F.B.I. operative said, "No, I may be underestimating. And now they're having children, little Ruskie spies."

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