04/08/2008 10:03 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Concession Speech Leaked

(A draft of a concession speech being readied by the Clinton campaign has been obtained by this writer, the speech being held by the campaign for possible later use.)

"My fellow Americans, my loyal supporters, I thank you all deeply for your steadfast encouragement during this hard-fought campaign. I want to congratulate my opponent, Senator Obama, for prevailing during this oft-times flawed, frequently unfair, yet always interesting contest. Boys will be boys, we have seen if we didn't already know, especially when there's a smart girl in the room.

Many of my supporters are troubled, and I'm thinking specifically of a woman in her sixties I met in Philadelphia with her leg in a cast, leaning on a cane. She was the victim of a car accident, someone without the adequate health care my plan would have provided, who said to me, "Senator Clinton, if you lose the nomination, I'm sorry, I'm either staying home or voting for McCain." I say to you what I said to that woman, "Americans have died in wars, including the war in Iraq, which I actually opposed if you read the record properly. Americans have died for our right to vote. You cannot stay home. You must vote your conscience."
Senator Obama's gift for rhetoric is second to none in American public life and we Democrats surely hope his rhetoric, along with his prestigious Ivy League background, will be sufficient to thwart the inevitable brutal onslaught coming his way from the right in the upcoming election. We should not expect these Swift Boat tactics from Senator McCain, but rather from his operatives, Senator McCain being an honest, independent-thinking, reasonable man, who, should the sky fall in November, will be an outstanding commander-in-chief.

I will be campaigning for Senator Obama, within the limitations, of course, of my demanding duties in the Senate, and offer my many, many years at the highest levels of service to this nation to counter the accusations that he is profoundly inexperienced, and irreversibly tainted for having associated with demogogues like Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.

The main goal now is to set aside the disenfranchising of the primary voters in Michigan and Florida, the ignoring of the weight of the votes as tallied along Electoral College lines, the disproportionate use of quorums in the primary contests, and the preoccupation of the media with minor misstatements made when a candidate is fatigued. The main goal is the defeating of John McCain, despite his unique and admirable qualities, and not be looking forward to 2012, which will be upon us sooner than we think.

I thank God for giving me the strength of a fighter. And God bless the United States of America."

Add: including the crucial swing states I could have carried in the general election.
Isn't that swing states thing too on the nose?
No! That empty suit stole this thing. Put it in!

And God bless the United States of America, including the crucial swing states I could have carried in the general election. God bless you all."