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4 Tips for a Greener Bedroom

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The bedroom's where you spend much of your time. Even if you're sleeping for most of it, ensure that your home's most intimate room is in line with the principles of sustainability.

1. Furniture: Whether you're seeking a bed frame or a boudoir, consider buying it used at a thrift store, garage sale or from a site like Craigslist. If it's not perfect, you can polish or paint it once you get it home. If you feel you must purchase a new piece, look for items made of reclaimed, Poly or FSC-certified woods. As for that nightstand, think through what you top it with. Good choices include an energy-saving lamp, an alarm clock that runs on water and eco-themed books.

2. Window Coverings: Achieve blackout in the bedroom while doing your part to keep Earth's future bright by recalling that the greenest blinds are the most durable. If you're going for cloth, though, consider buying used drapes (but steer clear of old vinyls, which may contain lead) or choosing an organic textile. Keeping them pulled when you're not home regulates the room's temperature so that you won't need the air conditioner or heater. To boot, energy-efficient window coverings can net you a hefty tax credit if they're installed by December 31.

3. Bedding: Go with sustainable sheets, preservationist pillows, a minimalist mattress, and a fault-free frame. After that's all set, tuck yourself under conservationist covers. Keep in mind, once again, that buying these any of elements used or organic is usually best.

4. Flooring: If you're thinking of replacing carpet with a more solid surface (to avoid the soft stuff's host of environmental and health problems), go with cork or reclaimed wood. Rugs can help your flooring last longer; find one you love at a garage sale or thrift store. Or snag a snazzy one at a neighborhood swap or on online bartering sites.

[via The Green Life blog]

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