09/18/2010 01:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DREAM Crushers or Believers? - Latinos Calling-In For A DREAM

By Axel Caballero and Ofelia Yañez - Producers, Cuéntame

With the Senate set to vote next week on the DREAM Act, what started as a group of students and immigrant activists call for a national week of action to urge lawmakers to vote for the bill has suddenly turned into a nationwide battle spreading throughout the Latino community, online social networks and even scoring some international attention.

In a matter of days the DREAM movement has places tens of thousands of calls into different Senate offices all with one message "We Have A Dream" and we must act NOW. It's been almost a decade in the making. Protests, ground-actions, peaceful sit-ins, hunger strikes and the most incredible energy and patience shown by one particular community first: Latino youth.

On a personal note, and as a Latino myself, it has been inspiring and overwhelming the ability and the passion that students, military servicemen and various communities have demonstrated through what has now become a national movement. The struggle is reaching its peak and a looming Tuesday vote could make it a historical reality.

All that is left to say is that we must join in this call, we must believe that the DREAm we all have can become a reality. We do have a dream, we have a DREAM ACT.

It is time to pass it now. HAVE YOU MADE THE CALL? IF NOT DO SO TODAY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! - Axel Caballero, Producer, Cuentame

Here are some exclusive testimonials from DREAMERS themselves, other activists and the video urging for action:

I've had the extreme honor of interviewing and befriending Dreamers of all backgrounds who have inspired me to join the fight for justice and the basic human right of education for all. Seeing the dedication and passion through their incredible work, and the fearlessness that they exude when they risk deportation while conducting sit ins in front of the white house, in front senators' offices, makes me wonder why anyone would ever think twice about helping them out.

I fail to understand why the Senators with such power have chosen to turn a blind eye to the Dream Act for close to 10 years now, not allowing young people who are as American as their U.S. born peers the possibility to grow and contribute to this great country. Having faith in humanity becomes blurred when I see Senators stand up and condone the efforts of these young people, who's only request is to be allowed to exercise their talents, their degrees, their hard earned knowledge only to strengthen their communities, their states, and overall, their country.

The one they grew up in and have grown to love and respect as their very own. It is with great pride that I join the fight for the Dream Act and with great hope that I wish the Dreamers a great victory this coming week. I hope that the Senators realize what an injustice it would be to deny an opportunity to such bright and wonderful young people. I applaud everyone for their continued bravery and efforts, and hope that in a few days a celebration will take place in the hearts and minds of not only the Dreamers, but also the supporters who have the strength to make it happen. Ofelia Yanez, Producer, Cuéntame