01/12/2013 10:11 am ET | Updated Mar 14, 2013

7 Laws of Good Parenting

Written by Buzz Bishop for

There are many measuring sticks we use to see how well we're doing at this impossible game of parenting. There is no scoreboard, there is no game clock, there are only arbitrary milestones.

First to roll over, first to walk, first to talk. First to read, first to write, first to spell.

We use these artificial markers as a way to see if our kids are keeping up and as a way to see if we're doing all we can do to help our kids succeed.

None of that stuff is 'really' important. It's just an imaginary measuring stick we use to keep score in our heads because, for some random reason, we think parenting is a competitive sport. It's not. It doesn't really matter if your kid passes swimming this session or next session, it just matters that you're making the effort to get him out there and trying.

So toss out the parent vs parent scorecard, and see how you do measured up against these laws of good parenting.

Laws of Good Parenting

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