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Power Moms To Watch In 2012

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Written by Joanne Bamberger for

Now that the 2012 presidential campaign is pretty much down to the final two candidates -- President Barack Obama for the Democrats and former Governor Mitt Romney for the Republicans (sorry, Ron Paul!), we can finally turn our attention to some of the other races that are going on across the country.

Of course, the race for the White House is the one that will have most of our attention, but while these two guys duke it out, there are a lot of moms running for various elective offices across the country who are trying to make a difference, as well.

Here are the moms you're going to see on the campaign trail this year in various roles -- they're ones we should all be watching! (See slides 1-7 here on HuffPost; click over to Babble for Power Moms 8-10.)

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10 Power Moms To Watch In 2012
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