09/13/2012 12:54 pm ET Updated Nov 13, 2012

The 5 WORST Things About Going Back to School

Written by Carolyn Castiglia for

I can't believe summer is over! It felt like vacation just started, and yet here we are. Though nobody likes going back to class -- not even teachers -- BuzzFeed tried to give Internet denizens some perspective with their post 27 Things That Are Worse Than Going Back to School. While I agree that dropping a pizza is worse than almost anything this side of genocide, BuzzFeed's list only provides salve for the student's soul. Because even having to stick your head up some dude's butt as a wrestling referee seems better than dealing with this stuff as a parent:

1. Spending $100 on School Supplies...
Then being asked three months later to buy more school supplies.

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2. Pick-up Playdate Bomb
"Mommy, Kelly and I wanna have a playdate! Can we have a playdate? PLEASE! Why not? Why can't we have a playdate right now? What do you mean we have PLANS? I don't care what they are unless they involve a PLAYDATE! YOU NEVER LET ME HAVE ANY PLAYDATES!" (pause) "Okay then, can we get ice cream?"

3. Girl Drama
Betsy said to Katie that Jennifer wouldn't talk to Susan, but that's not true because Susan was talking to Jennifer and then Katie said Besty was just lying but Katie told Jordan that she thought it was true.

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4. Boy Drama
Kevin hit Jeffrey in the face.

5. Teacher Emails/School Web Portals/Class Blogs
Dear sweet Baby Jesus do I not get enough email from my job??? Now I need to know what is happening every second of the day while my kid is at school? "Leslie just took a poo. I know because her teacher just emailed me about it. I wonder if she added a photo to the class Twitter feed..."

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