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Babe Scott


Delicious Dating: What a Man's Dining Style Reveals About His Approach to Love

Posted: 02/14/11 05:12 AM ET

In my new book, "Delicious Dating," I show women how to decode men by their culinary styles. Inspired by a history of relationships as disastrous as they were dyspeptic, I dined with more than 100 men and interviewed more than 200 men and women about the corollaries between a man's dining style and his mating style. In the course of surmounting Man Everest, I solved the riddle of the male species via their stomachs.

In the course of my research, I discovered that there are 10 male dining types, a discovery that I believe is more revolutionary than Jung's and of more help to love-hungry, single females. These dining types give women insight into what men will serve up not only at the dinner table but as a boyfriend and in bed:

The Transfat Type
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This guy has the culinary and romantic skills of Homer Simpson. He believes in only four food groups: fast, frozen, fried and salty snacks. If you had to sum up his culinary philosophy, it's food that goes well with football. The Transfat's idea of romantic togetherness is sharing a supersized pizza in front of the television while the little woman fetches his beers. If you can coax him off the couch, he will take you somewhere he can devour fried food and action replays.
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