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Barbara Bruno
As a former dancer, Barbara developed an appreciation for the physical skills of professional football while still in her teens. After years of running a successful subscription "game picking" service, Barbara has returned to mainstream media and currently writes as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report.

A graduate of The College of William & Mary in Virginia and the Directors’ Guild of America Training Program, Barbara also holds a Master’s Degree in Theatre. Ms. Bruno worked in film and television production for many years, captaining major studio film sets and co-producing independent films. Ms. Bruno has appeared as an actor on Law and Order and other series and she has performed for multiple Manhattan theatres.

Barbara is a multi-genre writer, having completed a film script, a mini-series and a multi-media musical based on the life of Sally Rand -- the woman who invented the infamous fan dance! Barbara also writes fundraising grants and teaches film for the non-profit agency Streetlights, which creates careers in the Entertainment Industry for inner city young adults.

Entries by Barbara Bruno

The NFL, MLB and Viagra: So Much for Family-Friendly Focus

(47) Comments | Posted November 10, 2014 | 6:45 AM

The incessant airing of Viagra's nauseating British-blonde-on-a-bed commercial during both this October's football games and throughout the baseball playoffs illustrates how tone-deaf the National Football League and Major League Baseball remain when it comes to truly embracing family viewers. The NFL and MLB pound the "Family Values" drum...

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NFL Sunday Night Football: Colin Kaepernick and Co. vs. Jay Cutler's Monsters of the Midway

(1) Comments | Posted September 12, 2014 | 4:39 PM

It's going to be difficult for the Chicago Bears to vanquish the San Francisco 49ers on opening night at brand new Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. The Niners plan extensive opening ceremonies that include celebrity guests, a six-minute film honoring the franchise and a Grammy winner singing the...

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Sunday Night Football: Broncos' Living Legend Peyton Manning Fosts Colts' Future Maestro Andrew Luck

(0) Comments | Posted September 9, 2014 | 10:56 AM

Until Peyton Manning hangs them up, he and Andrew Luck will play against each other at least once a season. That once is Sunday night. Manning and Luck are inextricably linked in one of the NFL's most coincidental "stranger than fiction" tales as Colts fans went from 14 years of...

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Hidden Within the NFL's Kickoff Extravaganza, the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks Will Play an Actual Game

(8) Comments | Posted September 2, 2014 | 2:07 PM

Amidst nearly Super Bowl-esque fanfare, professional football returns to faithful fans starved for gridiron action with the annual Thursday Night Football celebration. The champion Seattle Seahawks and their 12th Man will try to prevail over Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers without benefit of what could kindly be termed...

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Super Bowl Preview Part 2: Seattle Seahawks Offense vs. Denver Broncos Defense

(10) Comments | Posted January 31, 2014 | 8:49 AM

In the shadow of the NFL's biggest game, the Broncos defensive and Seahawks offensive players must feel like the forgotten stepchildren of Super Bowl hype. Outside of Seattle super-rusher Marshawn Lynch, impressive young QB Russell Wilson, Denver's new sensation DT Terrance Knighton and veteran Broncos CB Champ Bailey, many of...

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Super Bowl Preview: Denver Broncos Offense vs. Seattle Seahawks Defense

(21) Comments | Posted January 30, 2014 | 8:35 AM

This Sunday, for the third time in the recent Super Bowl era, the NFL's best offense will face the league's best defense. In the previous two instances, the top defense won -- rather famously so.

Bill Belichick's game plan as the underdog New York Giants defensive coordinator defeated...

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NFL Conference Championships: Preview and Predictions

(2) Comments | Posted January 19, 2014 | 10:54 AM

NFL fans wait all year for Championship Sunday. The AFC and NFC title matches feature equally talented squads battling familiar foes with unrivaled intensity. This Sunday will showcase football play of the highest caliber as the consensus four best teams compete for a chance to play one more game in...

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NFL Week 16 Football Picks

(1) Comments | Posted December 21, 2013 | 5:37 PM

Now that the NFL has deliberately started scheduling divisionally significant games over the last few weeks of the season, December football is even better! The NFC North, the NFC East, the NFC South and the AFC North divisional titles are all still up in the air and the American Conference...

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Jonathan Martin and the NFL's Locker Room Culture: Bullying vs. Individual Responsibility

(20) Comments | Posted December 1, 2013 | 10:08 PM

Mike Ditka's comment last week on NFL Sunday NFL Countdown regarding the Miami Dolphins' bullying scandal was: "I wouldn't have either one of them: the bully or the baby." Unsurprisingly, we haven't heard many folks on ESPN asking Coach Ditka's opinion since that succinct statement. In fact, when every other...

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NFL Week 9 Football Picks

(48) Comments | Posted October 31, 2013 | 9:58 AM

The NFL Week 9 Picks will put us over the hump on the 2013 football season. So, we have eight more regular season Sundays to win our office pool. One thing I have learned is that the Seattle Seahawks have an alarmingly bad habit of winning, but not covering the...

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NFL Week 8 Football Picks

(33) Comments | Posted October 24, 2013 | 8:59 AM

While one wouldn't seriously suggest making one's Week 8 NFL picks using a dartboard, football predictions for the 2013 season have proven best made using the SAT method: make your choice and don't second-guess yourself by referring to facts. Okay, maybe that last part isn't recommended when filling in the...

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NFL Week 5 Football Picks

(77) Comments | Posted October 3, 2013 | 9:41 AM

Nothing is truly predictable when it comes to the NFL's Week 5 predictions, but I'll go out on a limb (again) anyway. High-flyers like Green Bay and Denver are both up against good defenses as they face Detroit and Dallas. Superstar Seattle is on the road against underrated Indy. Even...

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NFL Week 4 Football Picks

(39) Comments | Posted September 26, 2013 | 8:22 AM

Now that we've reached Week 4 of the 2013 NFL season, game picks start to settle into two categories: 1) clearly the better team but will they win by enough? And 2) who can pull off an upset? Looking back at Week 3, the consensus better team won and covered...

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NFL Concussion Lawsuit's Ripple Effect: Should the Young People in Your Life Play Sports?

(39) Comments | Posted September 24, 2013 | 9:24 AM

In the wake of the NFL's settlement of the first class action concussion lawsuit brought by former players over brain trauma, much has been declared and yet little has been clarified for those seeking to determine the concussion risks of playing sports. In May 2012, Kurt Warner went on record...

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NFL Week 3 Football Picks

(36) Comments | Posted September 19, 2013 | 8:40 AM

In making football picks for the NFL's Week 3 games, is it safe to believe that the league is settling down to "business as usual?" Will perennial "winners" start to establish their territories while recent dismal "losers" begin to fall apart? Aside from the absolute top and the absolute bottom...

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NFL Week 2 Football Picks

(8) Comments | Posted September 12, 2013 | 3:15 PM

Week 1 of the 2013 NFL season featured some textbook performances by consummate pros (Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, Charles Tillman), some incredible opening acts (Chip Kelly) and some matchups showcasing play at an atmospheric level (San Francisco and Green Bay). Week 2 promises more of the same as the Mannings...

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NFL Week 1 Football Picks

(29) Comments | Posted September 5, 2013 | 8:14 PM

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos. The horses' defense is a mess that's missing Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil (who will be chasing Peyton Manning in a purple uniform) and Champ Bailey. The Ravens may still be adjusting to the post-Ray Lewis/Ed Reed era. However, Manning's extremely fast-paced offense (showcased sparingly in...

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Terrell Thomas, Bobby Wagner and Ronnie Hillman: NFL Players Are People Too

(9) Comments | Posted August 4, 2013 | 5:22 PM

Observing 20 NFL players going through their offseason paces at Gaines Performance in West Hollywood, it would be easy to imagine that these young men aren't mortal. While we all understand in theory that professional athletes are by definition capable of physical feats beyond those of regular folk, it's an...

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NFL High-Tech Training: Suit Up for the Ravens

(0) Comments | Posted June 30, 2013 | 5:24 PM

NFL Training isn't just hard work and sweat; it's a mixture of innovation, minute detail and total immersion. Despite the famously dynamic style of NFL strength and conditioning coach John Lott, many of today's training techniques don't involve spotting massive amounts of iron hovering above an athlete's chest....

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Media Training for NFL and College Football Players: Sign Us Up!

(5) Comments | Posted April 14, 2013 | 8:01 PM

In the 21st century, we could all use the kind of media training provided for college football stars and NFL Draft hopefuls. Quick -- describe yourself in pithy, media-friendly sound bytes that will translate into lucrative business deals. Yeah, I couldn't do it either.

The days of working at...

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