04/02/2012 01:09 pm ET Updated Jun 02, 2012

Oversharing, Public vs. Private Behavior and What We Forgot to Teach Our Teens

This generation of teens is very familiar with the term 'OVERSHARE." In fact, the Urban Dictionary describes it as a tendency to share too many details of once private situations with peers and others. And, I can relate. As a teen, yes I did share private and scintillating details with peers but with an eye toward remembering that I was usually not the only one involved in the situations that provided good story fodder.

So, why is it that this current generation of teens has a tendency to engage in oversharing? One theory is that we, as their parents, have been encouraging and soliciting our teens' feelings about almost every possible situation. The pendulum may have swung too far. There was a time when there was a place for sharing feelings but this generation of parents makes processing their teens' feelings a priority. Let me give you an example. I didn't always want to go to Hebrew school but I went anyway because I had made a commitment. In the same situation, I can see a parent today having a lengthy talk with their child about which negative feelings are being evoked in Hebrew school.

I am not saying that your teens' feelings are not important. Instead, I am simply saying that the over-emphasis on these feelings may have contributed heartily to a current generation of teens who are perhaps too emotionally generous with their feelings, skin exposure and details of all things personal. It seems to me that the public and private are blurring. There is some thoughtfulness in keeping some things private. I am not talking about traumatic events or bullying episodes. I am referring,instead, to how much skin our daughters choose to reveal, the excessive wellspring of emotional talk and private events being discussed publicly in many arenas of life.

Yes, encourage your teen to share information and talk to you, but you will be teaching them an important life lesson if you let them know occasionally that they are giving you TMI (Too Much Information).

Your thoughts?