Seven Signs He's Your Own Prince Charming

03/23/2011 02:20 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Prince William may be taken by Kate Middleton, but the great example set by this delightful couple provides terrific lessons in how to find your own charming prince. Here are some essential signs that he's your princely partner:

  1. You establish a foundation of friendship on which to build a life together.
  2. William and Kate were friends for over a year before they became romantically involved. They found that they had many things in common, and enjoyed each other's sense of humor and company. Many people don't take the time to truly know a potential partner before becoming physically intimate. The feel-good hormone oxytocin kicks in and clouds the ability to judge whether or not the other person is a good match in non-physical ways, which becomes vitally important once those burning fires turn to smoke and ash.

  3. The things he does, says and gives show his thoughtfulness.
  4. William gave Kate his mother Diana's stunning sapphire engagement ring so that she would be a presence in their life together. The beautiful and heartfelt sentiment in that gift was not lost on his fiancée. Kate found this incredibly touching and romantic, as would any woman. It is the thought and feeling behind any gesture that says far more than the showiness or price tag.

  5. He's there for you in tough times.
  6. Kate has already been the subject of extreme public scrutiny, which she was completely unprepared for. William clearly feels very protective of her. He is, and will continue to be, her support system. For the rest of us, this would probably be more about having someone comfort and support us during our own or a family member's illness. Whatever the tough times look like, a partner's support, or lack thereof, is an litmus test for a relationship.

  7. He plays, and fights, fair.
  8. The couple went through a very public parting of the ways in 2007. Much to their credit, neither of them had a negative word to say about the other. Conflicts are an inevitable part of relationships. Research shows that the ones who know how to have a clean, fair fight are the ones who will not only survive, but thrive. No yelling, no name-calling, no dredging up the past!

  9. He has a sense of balance in his life.
  10. William has interests beyond living the life of a wealthy prince. He has focused on his role in the military. He and his brother Harry have continued with the charity work that their mother was famous for. At the same time, William obviously knows how to enjoy himself, in spite of the pressures of his position as heir to the throne of England. He works and plays with equal gusto.

  11. He tells you what he admires, appreciates and loves about you.
  12. When asked how Kate will stand up to comparisons to Princess Diana, William stated that Kate will make her own path, not compare herself to Diana. He was clear, "She'll do really well." For her part, Kate is spirited, athletic and hardworking, which has won her William's respect and love. Like any modern man, he wants a life partner, not a pampered princess.

  13. He takes and gives space when it's needed.

William and Kate met at the University of St. Andrews when they were both very young. After some years, they needed to take a break to learn more about themselves as they became adults. Although the break was painful, both say that they learned a lot and grew as people from it. It is a mark of maturity to know that people occasionally need a break from relationships. Whether that is an evening apart, a long weekend with friends, or a longer separation, the ability to negotiate space without recrimination can turn out to be a couple's saving grace.

Of course, finding your own prince charming is one thing, and keeping him is quite another. If you want a man with all of the above and more qualities, then you need to give as much as you get. Women who are happy, generous, kind and caring are going to attract kindred princely spirits. (Of course, it helps tremendously to look great in skimpy lingerie.) Kate Middleton did, and so can you!