04/08/2013 03:52 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2013

The Science and Technology of Human Potential

What distinguishes good, or even great, from extraordinary? What are the boundaries of human potential?

These are the topics of a recent conversation on our popular weekly radio show called Cutting Edge Consciousness. Deborah Rozman of Heartmath, Inc. joins us to discuss how technology and scientific advances are supporting a new level of human potential.

The concept of "flow", a maximized state of consciousness where new levels of human potential can be accessed, was once the stuff of myth and conjecture. Now this state, referred to on this radio program as coherence, is trackable and achievable through cutting-edge science and technology. The technology, first available only to elite athletes and performers, is now available to anyone with a Smartphone.

There are several keys to achieving a coherence state. Coherence occurs when energy organizes around a primary focus. We generally think of this as a mental state, but as the radio conversation conveys, it is just as much a heart state. The age-old saying that someone either does or does not "have their heart in it" expresses this particular understanding. When a person is not fully invested and focused on what they are doing, complete with a sense of "heart-felt care", the outcome will suffer.

Over the past 20 years Heartmath has studied how emotions affect human experience. Specifically how a positive, caring, intent can generate tremendous focus and commitment. They have especially noted the impact of mixed or conflicting feelings on individual and collective effectiveness. Conflicting feelings generate distraction in the form of stress and hesitation, which Heartmath technology can measure by tracking what is called "Heart Rate Variability."

When thoughts and feelings are aligned people are more effective, we casually refer to this as "the heart and the head working together." The radio conversation, linked below, explores some of this new science and technology, which offers the possibility for anyone to achieve and maintain a state of coherence.

The following is a video of the actual episode of Cutting Edge Consciousness referenced in this article. The show is filmed at the KVTA studios in Ventura, Calif.