02/27/2008 02:12 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Cell Phones and Short Stories

Following up my account posted here of writing stories for cell phones in Japan, Ben Dooley at the excellent blog themillions just did a substantial freewheeling interview with me on the subject. A sample question:

The Millions: Do you think it could work in the U.S.? If not, what's different about Japan that makes cell phone novels/stories viable?

Ben did an earlier excellent piece on keitai novels (as cell phone lit in Japan is called), in the wake of a recent NY Times article. He translated excerpts from some of the big sellers in the genre over there -- the big sellers sell in the millions.

And now the also excellent blog futureof thebook has done a fine follow-up about themillions interview .

Perhaps the format is starting to catch some attention over here; it's roared in Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

Appreciations to, where this piece first appeared on my blog Brain Flakes.