05/16/2008 06:18 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mike Huckabee: Minister and Street Thug

So Mike Huckabee makes a wisecrack at the NRA convention about Obama frantically trying to get away from a gun being pointed at him.

This is what passes for a Christian man of peace today in this charming country we find ourselves in. Spy magazine ran a marvelous caption years ago, I recall, under a picture of Kissinger: "Henry Kissinger, Socialite and War Criminal." Now we have Mike Huckabee: Christian Minister and Street Thug.

Huckabee should not just apologize, he should be forced to turn in his collar.

But alas as someone else pointed out, Christians are often the ones who don't seem hip that theirs is supposedly a religion of peace.

Why would anyone who isn't a corporate baron, a religious nut or a bug-eyed Xenophobe vote Republican? I can't think.

I've just come back from a couple weeks in Italy. Bella paese. I was in Rome when the new mayor was elected: a former young Fascist street fighter. Berlusconi is not only back running the country, he is doing so in partnership with an anti-immigrant party that's positively rabid.

Huckabee's spout-off today has a touch of that strain of Italy. Il Duce's street fighters would get a kick out of it.

But Jesus (pardon me, my blood is still boiling) -- Jesus would vomit.


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