04/06/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

PBS "Digital Nation": Great, But Where's the Porn?

Last night PBS's Frontline screened "Digital Nation," an excellent examination of the consequences of digital culture. It's all watchable online too. The show's expert correspondent is Douglas Rushkoff, an early Internet apostle who, like another Internet champion Jaron Lanier, is having second thoughts about what the cybergenie is ushering in now we've uncorked its botttle.

In the show, we meet a video-game addicted South Korean teen; and a bunch of college kids who are multitasking whizzes -- supposed whizzes, that is, until we learn from a psych experiment that they're lousy at all the cognitive skills involved. Are we raising a generation of kids (man, their multitasking makes your head spin) who are lacking real analytic skills?

But the show doesn't address one great elephant in the room:

the devouring presence of digital porn.

Too steamy for public TV? Too bad. What are the social and psychological consequences of having hardcore fantasy-niche porn instantly available? Seems a topic surely worth examining.