10/02/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Conservatives Speak Out on Bristol Palin Pregnancy

Insect Messiah at Daily Kos points us in this wonderful direction: what conservative reaction could be to the Bristol Palin pregnancy. Well, if it was intellectually consistent, that is. Ha! I kid.

Here's Debbie Schussel on that tawdry harlot and demon princess of the left, Jamie Lynn Spears. Jamie Lynn got pregnant at sixteen and Ms. Schussel fumes about Nickelodeon's refusal to can her:

"Take responsibility?" It's not apparent that Ms. Spears took any kind of responsibility, other than deciding not to get an abortion. Where is Nickelodeon's sense of "taking responsibility"? Not a single comment urging young girls to wait before having sex. Not a single utterance even of the typical liberal pronouncement about "always practice safe sex." Zilch about how they hope Nickelodeon's kid audience will appreciate that this situation is not the kind that they would want to find themselves in. Nothing. Nada.

Oh the scandal! But Schussel wasn't finished. Harsh words for Mama Spears:

If there is one good thing to come of this, it's what's happening to the stage mother of the two dysfunctional Spears girls. Lynne Spears was set to publish a book of advice on mothering. A great title would have been: "Burn This Book." But the publisher, Thomas Nelson Books, announced--just after the Jamie-Lynn pregnancy announcement--that the book is on hold (but not cancelled). Gee, I wonder why. Thank Heaven for small favors.

Then there's this gem from Doug Giles

Indeed, this "funny, cute and little" decision you made to have a baby while still a baby has teeth to it that I don't think you gave much thought to.

If you ladies really, really want to rebel, get noticed, shock people at their inner core and rivet people's attentions then I've got an idea. Are you ready?

Revolt against the slutification of our culture, learn how to read, become a conservative, help the poor during spring break versus flashing your boobs, get saved and finally, go to the Young Americas' Foundation conference this summer!

People will freak. Teachers will trip out. Parents will be stunned and will wonder what has happened to you. Yes, if you want to go against the flow, rebel chick, be a conservative, a Christian and refuse to be part of the teenage wasteland.

Damn it! If only Bristol had been Saved!, this whole drama could have been avoided.

I am sure there are other equally insightful Spears to Palin comments out there.

I feel badly that Bristol Palin is going to have a rude awakening in terms of her public life. But she can only blame her mother's poor judgment.

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