Obama Voters Express Remorse. Or do they?

04/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This is remarkable. Disenchanted Obama voters, in an echo of 2004's "I'm Sorry Everybody" campaign, hold up signs expressing their remorse over voting for Obama.

Wow, some people sure are fickle huh? And it's surprising, considering that Obama's approval ratings are considerably higher than his victory margin.

But if you're Glenn Reynolds, there could be no doubt.

"I'M SORRY:" Obama voters express their regrets.

Jonah Goldberg eagerly linked to Reynolds's post.

The Obama Apologies Via Instapundit. More of these to come?

But then sometime later, catastrophe! Oh no!!! The images are....gasp....FAKED!

Hastily appended Goldberg:

Update: Several readers want me to know the apologies aren't real. I never really assumed they were. I thougt the joke was obvious. But just in case: It's a joke.

Well, at least now we know what Jonah's tell is. He misspells words. I never would have thougt.

Michelle Malkin, who may be crazy but is great at spotting fakes (see, e.g., her dissent from the crazy lady with the backwards B carved in her face right wing drama), kindly called it a spoof from minute one.

But does this sound like a spoof? "The drones Obama voters have begun sending me photos expressing their sorrow in voting for the Won."

So I've written the proprietor of the website to ask for the names of the nice folks in the pictures. I was going to play along with the game, but instead I think it will be more amusing to find out where he got the images from.

Another interesting question that Douglas Ross, the website owner will face concerns appropriating the images in question. Sorry Everybody has a standard terms and conditions which gives them permission to display the images and use them however they like, but unless the unlikely scenario of Sorry Everybody photoshopping them took place, that permission does not extend to Mr. Ross's website.

I've taken screenshots of all the relevant sites in anticipation of the Stalinist revisionism that will doubtless ensue.