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Bart van Olphen
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Bart van Olphen set up Fishes in 2003 as the first fully sustainable fishmonger on continental Europe. Fishes stocks the widest range of certified seafood. After having launched more stores, Fishes became a retail brand for all kind of sustainable seafood products throughout Europe. In 2008 Bart van Olphen was awarded as “World’s most sustainable seafood entrepreneur’” and in 2009 Fishes became the best sustainable brand in The Netherlands, his home country. He works with certified fisheries around the globe. Stories behind the scenes of these fisheries together with tasty seafood recipes are published in his book Fish Tales, which he wrote together with Tom Kime.

Blog Entries by Bart van Olphen

Can We Keep Eating Tuna?

Posted November 15, 2010 | 09:40:53 (EST)

Our Oceans

When I started my first fishmonger store eight years ago, I had this romantic idea that fish always have been caught by small-scale wooden boats who landed their fish daily into beautiful small harbors. Of course I knew here and there that some fish were obtained in a...

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