10/21/2013 04:59 pm ET Updated Dec 21, 2013

The Big Apple and the Locals' Favorites

We're all very familiar with New York. We all know where it is, what it's like (at least in the movies), we know about the yellow cabs and what the city's highlights are. So what else is there to tell you, what can I share with you? Me personally, not so much, but the seven locals writing for Spotted by Locals - New York, they sure can!

Marina, Elise, Helen, Diane, Sasha, Matthew and Craig reveal their favorite spots, hole-in-the-wall tips and use their insider knowledge to bring you the 'other' highlights to New York. The reasons, and places, why these locals love their city. You may not find these spots in other guidebooks. Some locals may not even know about them. But that's the essence of Spotted by Locals and its mission to see a city through a local's eyes.

Most passersby will not feel inclined to stop and eat at Lahore for instance. Yet local Sasha insists that you do! Or did you know that on Jersey street you can find New York's oldest manhole?

There's plenty of graffiti in Harlem, but did you know to go to East 106th & Park Avenue for the Graffiti Wall of Fame if you're interested in street art? This wall has been around for over three decades and local artists continually decorate this bit of New York. Inevitably you'll walk through New York's Grand Central Station. You might even look up to the ceiling, but local Helen points out something extra on the ceiling.

Now obviously there's plenty to do in New York, but where do you start? Following the suggestions of these seven locals you could eat at Chinatown's exception (i.e. not Asian): Mexicue. Dine at Beyoglu, or drink a bourbon based cocktail at Maysville.

Listen to live music at Cafe Wha? (That's not a typo). Lots of greatness started being great at The Wha?. Sit and wonder at Sit and Wonder with snacks and great coffee. Or indulge in Northern Thai dishes at the reputable Sky Ice.

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A selection of 10 locals' tips for New York

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