06/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

10 Sex Products You Can't Live Without

How have you been having sex without these? How? Catch up with the times mister! These sexual must-haves are the only thing between you and mind-blowing sex. What are you waiting for?*

  1. Quickstrip Condom. When seconds are of the essence! The two tabs on either side of the condom do away with nervous time consuming fumbling, now you can put hoodie on your jammy faster than you can say "bow chicka wow wow."
  2. Va J-J Visor. In pink, green and purple, this visor keeps your girlie parts safe from UV rays and hot wax. Available in three packs as well.
  3. The Waterproof Turbo Stroker looks like a large peppermill. It does away with all that tiresome stroking...just let it "do all the work -- slide your erection into the textured silicone sleeve, set the controls -- and get off!"
  4. Clitoris Tint. Bummed because your privates don't have that pink hue from yesteryear? Fret no more.
  5. BJ Strap. Leather strap with large metal grips makes you be in control!
  6. Lickie Dickie. Finally, that handiwipe we've all been waiting for. What took so long?
  7. Vulva Portrait Pendant. Send a couple of photos to the artist, and get your own original. Tell Grandma it's a Georgia O'Keefe miniature.
  8. Brazilian Butt Lift. From the country that brought us Bossa Nova, Jujitsu and Carnival, finally you too can have glutes you can to balance a caipirinha on.
  9. Fanny Facial & Vagacial. Once your heinie is sculpted and lady bits pink, all you need is a very intimate spa treatment for both of them. Not for the bashful, nudity is not optional.
  10. The Robospanker. You've seen them on a reality show or two. Where do you get the darn thing for your own living room? Includes a timer and remote control (in case your date can't come over when you have a hankering for a spanking.