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The Science Of Bad Boys (POLL)

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I'm getting tired of studies about Bad Boys. The latest one, which appeared last Wednesday in the New Scientist, describes the "dark triad" of traits these men have: impulsive thrill-seeking behavior, narcissism, and deceitfulness. The study reports that these men have numerous short-term sexual relationships. It implies that women are duped by them because they are so cunning and unscrupulous. Most hot-blooded adult women will shrug at these findings. They are well aware of what they are getting into when they bed a bad boy. Nope, that's not news; the big secret is women actually choose these bad boys (or even let them think they "captured" us).

So what do women see in them? Entertaining, charming--at least initially--sexually assertive, not demanding, cocky, thrill seeking, and impulsive in a way we can enjoy vicariously (and temporarily). They leave in the morning and we are not heartbroken, quite possibly relieved at not having to attend an excruciatingly boring work-barbeque or to contend with an upright toilet top. Tell me you think Kate Moss is surprised at rocker Pete Doherty's behavior. Pamela shocked at Tommy Lee's? Irritated, sure, but surprised? Nah.

He's been voted top ten on MTV's Bad Boy list, his tattoo has obviously been through a few incarnations, he knows the threadcount at different drug and alcohol rehabs, and has "Parry" (Paris Hilton) on speed dial. Not surprised.

Lead researcher of the New Mexico State University study Peter Jonason discusses how James Bond encapsulates the "dark triad" of characteristics. He goes on to explain that Bond is "clearly disagreeable, very extroverted, and likes trying new things--killing people, new women." Note to Dr. Jonason: James Bond is sexy. He is fit, looks slamming in a tux, isn't scared of heading out to the dance floor for a tango, uses various utensils simultaneously (none of which includes a pocket knife), can drive a stick shift better than anyone in "The Fast and The Furious," would take a bullet for me and rock my world for hours and hours in one evening. He only kills bad guys and sure, he gets around, but he never promised otherwise anyway...which makes him more honorable than most bathroom tappin', cheap hotel cheatin', VIP club-owning, never slept "with that woman" politician. And don't forget that James is quite capable of falling in love and putting a ring on a gal's finger: Tracy Draco (played by the incomparable Diana Rigg in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service") captured his heart, but lost her life. Tantalizing is the idea that he never recovered.

I seriously doubt than few if any of the 200 students Dr. Jonason surveyed were thinking of Bond as a Bad Boy icon. This generation of 18-24 year olds has awesome BB models: impulsive, explosive, drug and/or alcohol abusing, misogynistic specimens as Eminem, Dave Navarro, 50 Cent, Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Mike Tyson, and Kevin Federline. James? James who?

Here's a series of polls for the women (relax, this is far from scientific, so humor me!):

Quick Poll

Have you had moments of being a “Bad Girl”?



Quick Poll

When you’ve been attracted to a Bad Boy, did you already know he was one?



Most of the time

Not all the time

Quick Poll

Did you think perhaps you could be the one to change the bad boy?

Yes, maybe

No, not really

Quick Poll

When he didn’t change were you:




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