10/21/2010 01:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Parent Trigger: a new Right for the Parents of California

As I described in my last post, the Parent Trigger is a brand new California law that gives parents -- for the first time in the history of America -- the formal, legal power to transform their failing school simply through community organizing. This law represents not just a new right for parents to transform individual schools, but an entirely new paradigm for thinking about education reform -- fixing public education by giving parents the power to transform their own children's schools.

Given that no law like this has ever existed in public education, we get calls from parents and others on a daily basis with questions about how it works. So in order to help explain this exciting new right for parents, we created the Parent Trigger video! It's only four minutes long, but it gives a great overview of the law and how it works.

Eighteen months ago, our first Parent Revolution video launched a grassroots movement that helped pass the Los Angeles Public School District's Public School Choice Resolution and California's Parent Trigger. Thanks to that movement, parents now have the power to create real change for their children and their communities. But parents can only exercise their power if they are educated about their rights, so pass this video along!