10/07/2010 12:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary Clinton Still Running For President -- At Least According to Her Possible LinkedIn Profile

Looks like Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell may not be the only one who needs to update her LinkedIn profile. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is still running to be President -- if her LinkedIn profile is to be believed. She is also still serving in the United States Senate! Full disclosure, HuffPost has not confirmed yet that this is Clinton's page, but it does not look fake. We should add that we are not the first ones to notice this.

This apparent error, of course, follows talk -- recently inflamed by Bob Woodward of the Washington Post -- that Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden may switch jobs prior to the 2012 election. The lack of updating seems to be unintentional, but will no doubt provide a few laughs to those among us who say the relentlessly ambitious Clinton has not really given up on her quest to capture America's top political office.

Below is a screenshot of Clinton's apparent profile. It says she is currently a "Candidate at Hillary Clinton for President" and a "Senator from New York at United States Senate." There is no mention of her as head of the State Department. Woops!