Democrats Dismiss Republican Michael Steele's Comments as "Typical Negro Dialect"

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In political news, the Democratic Party has come to the aid of recently racist Senator Harry Reid, and has even dismissed Republican and authentic African-American Michael Steele's comments as "typical Negro dialect." Although the Democratic Party knew they would receive heat for continuing to support Reid, they made it clear that they were "expecting that type of black, defensive response [from Steele]."

Many Democrats have come out of the woodwork to build up Reid's character, despite the fact that his comments were undeniably and inherently racist.

"Senator Reid's record provides a stark contrast to actions of Republicans to block legislation that would benefit poor and minority communities--which I think should somehow makeup for his blatantly racist remarks," said Rep. Barbara Lee, chairwoman of the caucus.

Even President Obama came public and spoke about the issue, stating:

"Michael Steele has made completely valid points about how Reid should resign and the double-standard of Reid getting away with his remarks since he's a Democrat--yet at this moment, myself, the White House, and the Democratic Party has dismissed Mr. Steele's comments as typical Negro dialect."

While Reid's comments were directed towards Barack Obama, a teary-eyed Senator Reid claimed, "[He] didn't mean to exclude all black people."

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