Dick Cheney Claims President Obama's New Haircut is a Sign of 'Letting Terrorists Win'

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In political news, former Vice President Dick Cheney has made yet another public outcry against President Obama, claiming Obama's recent haircut is a sign of "letting the terrorists win." While all Presidents in history have received haircuts -- even in times of unrest -- Cheney was adamant about distinguishing Obama's from the rest.

"He seems to think that if he gets a haircut, we won't be at war with the terrorists," said Cheney. "He seems to think that if he walks into a Super Cuts, and asks for #2 clippers, that there's no problem in letting the masterminds behind 9/11 sit in court and be tried. He seems to think that if he asks his barber for some talcum powder to brush along his neck to relieve himself of the normal razor burns, that closing Guantanamo bay is perfectly fine. Well you know what, Mr. Obama, I don't think getting a haircut is such a good idea."

Despite the lunacy of Cheney's recent outburst, Republican supporters across the nation have embraced what has been called the "Obama Haircut Terrorist" platform -- even reaching the fourth most trending topic on Twitter. President Obama refuses to comment, but White House Communications Director Dan Pffeifer stated, "The president is not interested about the supposed repercussions of his haircut, but is just focused on defeating terrorism while sporting a clean, freshly groomed head of hair."

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