05/14/2010 05:44 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

LeBron James Still Unsure of Off-Season Decision, Despite Wearing a New York Knicks Jersey During Playoffs

In NBA news, while LeBron James has been mostly silent about his impending free-agency decision throughout the season, he still maintains that he is unsure about his decision despite wearing a New York Knicks jersey during the entirety of the playoffs. Even though his decision to wear a Knicks jersey instead of his usual Cavs getup should all but cement a move to New York in the off-season, his teammates, coaches, and Cavaliers fans still feel there's a good chance he'll stay in Cleveland.

"I sometimes think that after a bad play, he'll get this look in his eyes like, 'I've had it with Cleveland!'--but just because he wore a Knicks jersey doesn't mean he's written the Cavs off completely," said Michael Kleiner, a 29 year-old Cavs fan. "He could become that billionaire he's incessantly talked about being if he becomes a Knick, but like come on, we're talking about Cleveland here. Home of Canal!...yes, the Erie Canal...LeBron likes that, right?"

Even Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown, who has been close with James since the Cavs drafted him in 2003, was defensive about the idea that LeBron is already New York-bound:

"LeBron is a special player, and he deeply loves the city and the people of Cleveland. I don't care if he wore a Knicks jersey the other night, or even the fact that he offered me $10 million to jump ship with him, and share an apartment in the West Village next year--I am not going to label him a goner just yet!"

According to sources, LeBron has yet to put his house in Cleveland up for sale--a reason that Cleveland residents somehow think will really matter since James could buy 500 houses all over the world with the money the Knicks will offer him.

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