07/27/2010 05:03 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New Book Reveals "Horrifying and Brutal" Practice Behind Organically Grown Vegetables

In health news, a new book has revealed the "horrifying and brutal" practice behind organically grown vegetables. The Dirt on Organically Grown Vegetables, by Hubert Wrinklesworth, has become an instant best selling book about Wrinklesworth's experience in what he has labeled as "by far the dirtiest sector of the food industry."

"Most people assume that organic equals clean -- however, did you know that all organically grown vegetables are grown in mineral-filled dirt?" said Dan Stepler, who recently read the book. "That's right. All those really fresh, great tasting vegetables supposedly grown in a peaceful environment live among worms, insects, and God knows what other completely natural stuff. Also farmers use animal poop to help vegetables grow. Poop, people. Thanks to this book, the truth is finally exposed -- I'm never eating organic vegetables again."

According to sources, Wrinklesworth plans to come out with a sequel called "Embracing Anorexia."

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