09/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The gang of corporate organized health care protesters, senior citizens opposed to extending medicare, and Right Wing loud mouths dedicated to crushing meaningful health care reform have finally gone too far.

Barack Obama has been compared to Adolf Hitler, accused of plotting to bring eugenics to America, wanting to kill old people, babies, and unborn fetuses, and now destroying the America "we once knew."

It is now time to label them appropriately. They are not concerned citizens exercising their First Amendment Rights, but pathologically ignorant racists convinced Obama is a Muslim Communist. They have no interest in facts or details, but simply want to destroy a president who doesn't look like them.

The idiots who have been questioning the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate were effectively labeled 'Birthers'. It was a useful way of ridiculing their movement, and it has essentially worked. When Ann Coulter wants no part of your movement, it is probably over.

That is why I am proposing calling those opposed to a public insurance plan "Healthers."

The Healthers exhibit familiar tendencies to Birthers. They have no interest in civil debate, cannot be swayed by fact, display psychotic, child like behavior in public, and have a deep seated fear of black people.

And above all, they're idiots.

Ben Cohen is the Editor of The Daily