05/10/2008 07:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

PLEASE - No Coverage Of Jenna Bush's Wedding

You can feel the momentum building. CNN, MSNBC, Fox etc are gearing themselves up for the ratings war over Jenna Bush's wedding, and are about to subject us to relentless coverage of an event they won't actually be allowed to cover.

While the U.S faces massive food instability, imploding disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq and a looming environmental crisis, the wedding of Jenna Bush will take up precious hours of news coverage. The news media already ridiculed themselves by asking questions about the wedding during Laura Bush's speech on the humanitarian disaster in Myanmar, and will no doubt do the same today.

This plea is probably too little too late, but I am begging the media to leave the story alone. 30 seconds should suffice, and it should not be considered anything near to headline news.

We should all be happy for Jenna, but let's be honest, asides from Paris Hilton's latest up-skirts, it is about the least important piece of news on earth.

Ben Cohen is the editor of and a contributing Mixed Martial Arts writer to He can be reached at