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10 Things I Learned At Mega-Movie Bash Empire Big Screen (Part 1)

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1. The new Muppets movie is going to be awesome

After all, Kermit said so. The legendary frog (as well as director James Bobin, Fozzie and Miss Piggy) all showed up on the big screen for a live link-up with a packed crowd at Indigo2 and introduced a great clip from the upcoming movie featuring Kermit singing. Co-written by Jason Segel, who also stars alongside Amy Adams, the film really looks a cracker - combining the Muppet mix of self-awareness, surrealism, satire, stupidity and family fun in a story which sees the gang having to come back together for a tribute concert to save their old theatre. In other words, just like the old TV show. I for one, am incredibly excited and that's not just because Kermit has always been my dream interview as a journalist. The Muppets is out in U.K. on February 10th next year.

2. They're tackling the big Sherlock Holmes stories... the second series of the BBC's modern take, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman that is. Despite both of the leads being cast in The Hobbit (Freeman as Bilbo and Cumberbatch as the voice of dragon Smaug), co-creator/writer Mark Gatiss revealed that the Peter Jackson production is working around the Sherlock schedule. And while we didn't get to see any new footage, Gatiss said this series they're taking on at least two of the most famous Conan Doyle stories - The Hound Of The Baskervilles and The Final Problem. How? We don't know!

3. There's hardcore alien porn at the end of British indie smash Monsters

"I made sure one of the tentacles went in," said Brit director Gareth Edwards, who also did the visual effects on the film, talking about a climactic sequence between two extra-terrestrials. "It's really quick, it just dabs her." It must have impressed the Tinseltown brass, because now he's developing a new studio blockbuster version of Godzilla. He was VERY scant on details, only divulging "realism is incredibly important" when asked whether he'll bring Monsters' improv-style approach to his sophomore effort. However, he did give his blessing to a planned Monsters 2, which will push ahead without him (production company Vertigo own the copyright). "I'd have revisited it in a few films time," he admitted, before explaining he would have nothing to do with the follow-up personally.

4. People from Hollyoaks dream of bigger things

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes director Rupert Wyatt is testament to the fact there's screen life beyond the sexy small screen village. And judging by the appearance of Max and OB off the show at the talk by Gareth Edwards, there are other folk from that Chester-y hamlet hoping to make the leap from Hollyoaks to Hollywood.

5. Idris Is Available

Idris Elba may be one of the most in-demand actors around these days, but he revealed at this weekend how to get his attention. Apparently, it's all about a good sob story. The Luther star appeared to support his new effort as producer Demons Never Die, a UK teen slasher starring Ashley Walters and Tulisa from N-Dubz. Out later this year, it's written and directed by newcomer Arjun Rose and Idris explained how the neophyte filmmaker approached him at a premiere of one his movies, handed him a script and told him his life story.

That was enough to interest the actor, who asked for more and ended up helping to get the film made. Now the pair are working on two more scripts. Elba might be starring in one of them, but for now he's concentrating on Pacific Rim, a giant monster movie directed by Guillermo Del Toro.